Regional Level

Planning on a regional level encompasses the same items as planning on the Cantonal level. However, the planning is more detailed. All planning on a regional level is subject to the plans on the national and cantonal levels.

The master plan on a regional level encompasses in particular:

  • residential area plan in some detail
  • transportation plan
    • roads and parking areas
    • tram and bus routes
    • railroads
    • trails
      • footpaths
      • cycling trails
      • bridleways
      • hiking trails
  • public utility infrastructure (water, power, sewage, waste)
  • public buildings and plants
    • administration buildings
    • court buildings
    • libraries
    • schools
    • power plants
    • water works
    • sewage treatment plants
  • building lines for roads etc.

The land use plan in a narrower sense on a regional level encompasses:

  • agricultural zones
  • zones to remain unused
  • zones to be exploited for materials
  • zones where materials may be deposited
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