Local Level

On a local level the municipalities have the authority to plan the urban development of their communities. Urban planning is subject to the planning on the national, Cantonal and regional levels.

The master plan on a local level generally encompasses:

  • transportation plans
  • other plans as necessary

The land use planning in a narrower sense on a local level generally encompasses:

  • building zones
    • core zone
    • quarters to be preserved
    • central zones
    • living zones
    • industrial and commercial zones
    • public buildings
  • areas to remain unused
    • recreational areas
    • nature preserves
    • cultural heritage areas
  • other regulations
    • distances to roads, water bodies, forests, etc.
    • high rise buildings
    • construction in areas
    • neighborhood plans
    • redevelopment of areas
  • public utility distribution
    • power and gas distribution
    • water distribution
    • sewage treatment plants
    • waste removal
  • nature and cultural heritage conservation objects are
    • unspoilt landscapes
    • water bodies including banks and flora
    • view-points
    • core zones, streets, plazas, groups of buildings etc. that are important living witnesses to political, economical, social or historical periods
    • natural monuments and mineral springs (spas)
    • valuable parks and gardens, trees and hedges
    • rare plants and animals and the areas necessary for their conservation

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