Cantonal Level

On a Cantonal level the Cantons, and in some cases in cooperation with adjoining Cantons, plan the development of Land Use in more detail. In particular infrastructure such as roads and other public works of national and Cantonal importance are planned. Larger projects have to be coordinated with all Cantons involved and in some cases with the federal government. All planning on a Cantonal level is subject to the plans on the national level.

The master plan on the Cantonal level encompasses:

  • landscape plan
    • agricultural areas
    • forest areas
    • recreation areas
    • nature preserves
    • cultural heritage areas
    • areas to be exploited for materials
    • areas where materials may be deposited
  • residential area plan
  • transportation plan
    • roads of national and Cantonal interest
    • railroads, cable ways, ski-lifts etc.
    • waterways
    • air traffic
  • public utility infrastructure plan
    • water
    • electricity and gas
    • sewage and waste
  • public buildings and plants

The land usage plan in a narrower sense on the Cantonal level encompasses the same items as on the regional level. See there.

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